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SPlayer – Simple and Powerful 4.1.16

SPlayer – Simple and Powerful 4.1.16

‎SPlayer - Simple and Powerful
‎SPlayer - Simple and Powerful
  • ‎SPlayer - Simple and Powerful Screenshot
  • ‎SPlayer - Simple and Powerful Screenshot
  • ‎SPlayer - Simple and Powerful Screenshot
  • ‎SPlayer - Simple and Powerful Screenshot


Redesigned from the ground up, SPlayer combines revolutionary functions with all-new lightweight design and incredible performance to let you enjoy your videos like never before. Embracing the value of tearing down the language boundaries and cultural divides to facilitate the communication all around the world, the brand new SPlayer brings subtitle and translation into one place, so you can watch any video in your preferred language no matter who you are or where you are.

A fully functional media player able to play almost every kind of video files. The supported formats include mpg, mpeg, mpeg 2, vob, dat, mp4, m4v, ts, rm, rmvb, wmv, asf, mkv, avi, 3gp, 3g2, flv, mov, h264/x264, h265/x265/HEVC 1080p/720p HD video etc.

**Evolutionary Design**

The all-new SPlayer smashes the bonds of traditional thinkings and habits that shackle your mind, by using the most avant-garde and forward design, and infusing the element of efficiency and practicability, to dedicate ultimate immersive experience to you.

**Powerful Media Player**

SPlayer includes a massive collection of optimized video decoders, so it can automatically recognize any video files such as H.265, MKV, MPG, AVI, WMV, VP8, VP9, VP10. etc.

**Smart Translation System**

SPlayer has an in-built translation system that integrates real-time voice recognition and NLP (Natural Language Prosessing) technology to help you add caption and find subtitles online so you can enjoy videos in your preferred language.

**Safer and More Private**

SPlayer is an open-source software, which means the code is publicly accessible, open to everyone’s audit and completely safe. Besides safety, SPlayer is designed from the ground up to protect your personal information. Your personal data belongs to you, not others.

**Seamless Experience**

SPlayer is a cross-platform software, you can get seamless experience no matter your platform is Windows or macOS.

What’s New

Version 4.1.16

– Upgraded architecture to bring improvements of stability and reliability

– Optimized core algorithm of Smart Translation to increase accuracy and success rate

– Now closing playing window will not go back to launching page

– Added shortcuts for sliding playlists (Left/Right)

– Added shortcuts for previous / next video (CMD + Left/Right)

– Added Escape key on Touch Bar

– Added shortcuts (CMD + Esc) for going back to launching page

– Added shortcuts (CMD + Q) for quitting the application directly

– Optimized panel style when customized window scaling is applied

– Added an option ‘Show All’ corresponding with ‘Hide Others’

– Added new play/pause icons

– Added upper limit for volume bar control sensitivity

– Fixed a bug where season and episode information was wrong

– Fixed the conflicts between scroll bar on translation panel and volume bar

– Fixed that some hotkeys failed to work when using Double Pinyin input method


Size 78.1 MB
Category Entertainment


OS X 10.10.0 or later, 64-bit processor

Age Rating Rated 4+
Copyright © Sagittarius Technology Co. Ltd
Price $2.99

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