Playr 2.3.1

Playr 2.3.1

Developer: Bitfield AB
Price: $8.99
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Playr – Video playback simplified

Playr was made solely to focus on your video viewing experience. It’s not crammed with extra features for organizing files or to make playlists and such. You don’t need to install any extras or plug-ins to view your favorite movies, it just works. Playr has been carefully developed using the latest available technologies with a meticulous attention to details. It’s user interface is clean, stylish and simple to use. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Main features

– Play almost any video file without the need for extra system extensions or plug-ins.
– Doesn’t depend on QuickTime or AVFoundation for playback.
– Automatically loads and displays embedded subtitles or subtitles from external files.
– Supports all the major subtitle formats.
– Supports styling tags in subtitle files like italic, bold and underlined.
– Supports subtitles in right-to-left languages like Hebrew.
– Fully customizable subtitle display (font, size, color, shadows, etc).
– Convenient metadata inspector that automatically pulls info from
– Detailed movie inspector for all those nitty gritty details.
– Retina graphics user interface.
– Retina resolution subtitles on your Retina Mac.
– Fullscreen player built-in (of course).
– Built for OS X 10.10 Yosemite and 10.11 El Capitan.
– 64-bit native.

NOTE! Playr can’t play movies purchased in the iTunes store due to Apple DRM protection.

Please report any problems/bugs to [email protected] or use the built-in feedback feature and I will try to improve Playr steadily for each version.

What’s New

Version 2.3.1

– Now the dock icon is changing to reflect the playing/paused state of Playr.
– The last current time in the movie is now restored when restoring windows.
– Fixed a bug where multiple subtitle tracks could be visible at the same time.
– Export subtitle tracks to a file. Supported formats are SRT, STL, 3GPP Timed Text, iTunes Timed Text, WebVTT.
– Reveal the associated file of a subtitle track in the Finder.
– Remove a subtitle track.
– The Open file dialog is now closed whenever a file is opened from somewhere else.
– Layout fixes in the Inspector window.
– Russian localization by Algiz Nord. Thx!

If you want to translate Playr to your language you can reach me at [email protected]

Thank you for all your input and support!

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