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First of all ThankYou for clicking. After many years of running this site we have done our best to make it easy and useful to many people. We have NeverΒ resorted to having to ask for Donations but with recent changes to google we can no longer keep this site alive without your help.

Ways you can help us are:


Buy Me a Coffee at

Purchase Premium on our FileHosts:

Donate Crypto


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  1. Hey, I love teh work you are doing. Can I suggest you all sign up as a brave creator. This way we all can tip you more and quite often, you will be able to cash in tips people have already given you. Additionally, there is a very well paying referral program that comes with a brave creators account.

  2. I just donated… I hope it helps!!! I just found this website a week ago but it has transformed my uni life for real. Thank you so much…. I keep doing this awesome job

  3. Thank you for this amazing site. Sadly, i don’t have any money to give (exactly the reason i am using the site in the first place) I just want to say that i have benifited hugely from your site and i needed to say thanks.

  4. Although I can’t see the verification code on your website, and I can’t get the download link from your website, I really appreciate what you have done.

  5. Thank you so much! I have been looking for final cut pro for ages and now I have it without even spending a penny!

  6. Hello,
    thank you very much for this amazin site!
    I would donate you some BTC if you have a wallet πŸ™‚

    Thank you TNT TEAM πŸ™‚

  7. I am a Uni student and I use your site a lot! But i’m broke as hell rn! But i swear to god! I’ll donate the much I could as soon as I am financially stable…You guys are the best! Really appreciate what you do, means a lot for people like me. πŸ™‚

  8. I donated with great pleasure)) Hope it will help you))) I will donate in future as well, for such awesome job!!!

  9. I have donated earlier also, and i try to make as much as i can. Please do no shut this site ! u have saved me tonnes of money !! Please reply me how mu money do you need !

  10. Please stay open until the end of the summer. I am unemployed at the moment but will donate when I begin to work at the end of summer.

    1. Thanks! We are very grateful. Either are fine MacUpload has a lot more active files. MacDrop is new.

      If you send us your username in an email I will Apply premium for equivalent of what you donated if you like.


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