DiRT 3 Complete Edition 1.0

DiRT 3 Complete Edition 1.0

Year of release : 29/01/2015
Version : 1.0
Developer : Feral Interactive has Ltd is
the official website of the game : of DiRT 3 Complete Edition
Platform : Apple Mac with an Intel processor
System requirements : Mac OS X 10.9.5+
Language : English, Spanish, Italian, German, French

The uncompromising rally simulator rushing on the Mac!
Before making a purchase, click on the extension in this specification, to review the system requirements (below).

Tear to victory in a spray of dirt in the rally world! Win nature and rivals chase on Finnish forests, go into a skid on the icy mountain tracks and billowing dust in the vastness of Africa.

In the game DiRT 3 Complete Edition presents six high-disciplines including Rally (Rally), Rallycross (Rallycross) and Gymkhana (Gymkhana). Gymkhana – a contest for trick riding with jumps, drifting and rotation on tracks with obstacles, and leads his own Ken Block – Star Rally legend and YouTube! Master the different driving styles on select rally cars, including the Audi Quattro, 1960s Mini Cooper S, and 2011 Ford Fiesta WRC Ken Block.

Key Features:
• Compete in the classic races in Rally Mode, getting ahead in dangerous pursuits in Landrush mode (off-road racing). Arrange a fierce battle mode Head 2 Head (One on One) whiz through bridges and tunnels on the intricacies of the tracks.
• Resist the dust, asphalt, gravel and snow on a variety of exciting routes, including the Norwegian mountain serpentines, purpose-built track at the stadium LA Coliseum and ueltny circuit at the legendary London’s Battersea Power Station.
• Participate in furious night races and fight with the harsh weather, because rain and snow affect the grip and visibility.
• Burn rubber, bounce in the cab and gain points, surprising the crowd tricks in the Gymkhana mode.
• Press the gas pedal to the floor on all-terrain trucks! Arrow sweep past rivals on light buggy with open wheels. In Rally Mode hone cornering on classic rally cars participating in off-road racing the last half century.
• Contains all the available additional content, including 18 new cars and 12 routes in two places at the legendary Monte Carlo, as well as the competition X-Games Asia to race in Rallycross mode on multiple machines at the center of Tokyo.
• Began! Compete with friends in all racing conditions on a split screen.
• Minimum system requirements: Processor: 2.0 gigaherts, RAM memory: 4 GB, Graphics: 256 MB, HDD: 15 GB.
• The following cards are not supported: ATI series X1xxx, ATI series HD2xxx, Intel GMA series, Intel HD3000, NVIDIA 3xx series, the NVIDIA 7xxx series, the NVIDIA 8xxx series and the NVIDIA 9400.
• This game is currently not supported on volumes formatted as Mac OS Extended (case sensitive).
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