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Desk MD: A Markdown-Powered Blogging App 1.2

Desk MD: A Markdown-Powered Blogging App 1.2


Desk MD is the FIRST desktop blogging client that is exclusively designed with Markdown in mind! 

Built intentionally and specifically for writers, bloggers, and content creators who are passionate about the text-to-HTML conversion syntax that is Markdown, it is the only native blogging app of its kind!

Based on the award-winning “Best App of 2014” (Desk PM), you’ll get all the features and functionality **without** the intrusion of a WYSIWYG editor and UI.

I hope you love it as much as you love Markdown!


Are you looking for the original Desk PM (Publishing Machine) or Desk NT (Notetaking)? You can find those here:

• Desk PM:
• Desk NT:


Full Feature List:

Desk was built with the writer and blogger in mind and designed to create an unobtrusive experience that helps you focus on what matters most: Content creation.

You can then take that content and publish directly to your blog! We currently support the following publishing platforms:

• WordPress (self-hosted and .com)
• Blogger / Blogspot
• Tumblr
• Squarespace (Post via Email)
• Evernote
• Facebook Notes

## Focused Writing Experience ##

Focus on what matters the most and remove everything else.

• Clean, simple, and a true distraction-free interface
• Typewriter Mode for the serious focus
• Themes and styles including font treatments, style, size, and column width
• Markdown only!
• Shortcuts for maximum speed (Formatting, Publishing, and more)
• Assortment of writing modes and visual styles (Full-Screen, Transparency, Day & Night, Font and Text Treatments, Responsive Layouts, Floating)

## Sync & Backup ##

Whether you’re on the go or connected to a fiber line you’ll be ready when inspiration strikes.

• Save your work locally with powerful “Offline” mode
• iCloud integration for maximum portability
• Automatic backups (Autosave) while you write (iCloud and Offline)

## Powerful Publishing ##

Publish your work to multiple blogs, platforms, and more. Edit existing posts with ease!

• Access, edit, and update existing posts and drafts
• Schedule posts for later publishing
• Post Formats for WordPress and Tumblr
• Drag-and-drop images, add captions
• Support for embedded media (YouTube, Vimeo and more coming soon)
• Integration with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace, Evernote, and Facebook Notes
• Custom features for each publishing platform (e.g. Featured images, categories, tags, custom slugs/URLs, labels, and more)
• “Quick Publishing” for even greater speed
• Preview mode with real-time updating

## Organization & Utility ##

Your content, your way.

• Intuitive new Preview Mode
• Real-time meta information (Character and word count, Time to Read, Writing Mode)
• Search and replace, dictation, spelling, grammar, and more
• Powerful use of native OS X capabilities
• Export as HTML, RTF, PDF, DOCX, TXT, MD

## Support & Community ##

We want to hear from you (seriously)! Especially how you are using Desk to publish your great stories!

Get connected to us here:

• Support:
• Twitter:
• Email: [email protected]
• Website:
• Blog:

What’s New in Version 1.2

A few new features and some bug-fixes! Here you go: 

(Please note, this does not yet fix the *crash* issue that a few users are experiencing. The App Store is on Holiday Break and I can’t update it until the new year. I’m working on it!)


– Automatically created post title from blog content!
– Copying link for post to Clipboard!
– Folders in Local Drafts!

***Fixed Issues***

– Auto-created title isn’t work for export.
– Unable to ‘open’ Tumblr
– Can’t update Markdown image post on Tumblr.
– Desk doesn’t ask user for name of the post during creating a new one.
– Duplicated menu entries.
– App doesn’t remember selected settings when user reopens the document
– Can’t edit post title if post starts as a new blog post from full screen
– App crashes on adding Blogger.
– Codeblocks general issue.
– Squarespace. No images in post.
– Unable to change heading without deleting it.
– Add/Delete columns and rows aren’t working.

Thanks for your support!

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Download Desk MD for MacOS X Free Cracked

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